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Thursday, July 14

Want to piss off Steve Jobs? ::Install Windows 7 on the MacBook Air ::

So you want to do something different and unique with your newly bought all slim and smart looking MacBook Air and piss off Steve Jobs in the process? Well CNET have found just the thing you might be interesting in doing – install Microsoft’s high flying and high selling Windows 7 on the MacBook Air.

Is is possible? Of course it is. So what do you need to get on your way? Here’s the thing:

A computer running Windows 7 (that has a DVD drive), a 4GB or larger USB thumbdrive, a Windows 7 Installation DVD, and about an hour of free time

Installation instructions can be found here. Do share with us your experience,and if possible mention the features and reasons that compelled you to use Windows 7 on a Mac enabled MacBook Air.

In case you missed it, the new slim and light weighted MacBook Air was unveiled at the Cupertinos Back to the Mac event. Read all about it right here.