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Wednesday, July 13

Google unveils YouTube Cosmic Panda experiment; completely redesigns Blogger

Google started to refresh the look of its web properties when it introduced Google+, and the trend of unification by design has now caught up with YouTube and Blogger. As some believe, the trend could very well bring other changes, with Google possibly intending to rebrand properties like Picasa and Blogger to Google Photos and Google Blogs. It is obviously a rather major decision to make, but we do not wonder if we will see YouTube being rebranded as the now defunct Google Videos, at least, not for a long while. We do hope to see something like theWhat Do You Love site Google had unveiled, as bridge between all the Google islands on the web.

We've also seen minor cosmetic changes in properties like CalendarGoogle Maps, Product Search, and more. 

YouTube Cosmic Panda

The YouTube team has unveiled a new experimental user interface they are calling Cosmic Panda, bringing the new dark UI look that the new Search interface, and Google+ are already following. Videos, playlists, and channels all have new layouts and features, and uploaders will be happy to note there will be new editing tools and channel page designs. 

Some Chrome only features have been introduces, such as a new seamless interface to navigate between videos, playlists, and channels. You can try it all out if you choose to participate in the Cosmic Panda TestTube Experiment, here. You can always go back to the old, white interface. YouTube is awaiting feedback before it fully incorporates the new ideas.


The Blogger platform was rather completely redesigned with nary an announcement, hoping to stay fit against the WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous competition. The redesign incorporates several features already available on the Google Labs-like Blogger in Draft section, such as the improved text-editor and mobile blog support. The overall UI of orange and white has many of the same buttons and icons as we’ve seen in the new unified UI Google seems to be aiming at. Visit to check out the changes.

There are some brand new features as well, such Google Analytics available right on the dashboard, a new and improved post screen, and what looks like an Ad Sense Earnings tab that’s still ‘coming soon.’