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Sunday, July 10

Facebook introduces new and easier way to tag your friends in a post

Mark Zuckerberg and his team always comes up with some new exciting and mind-boggling features for Facebook audience. Today, Facebook team via their Official Twitter account has reported a new surprising feature which helps a Facebook user to tag his/her friends in an entirely different manner inside a Facebook post.

Previously, Facebook users were able to use this feature by typing the ‘@’ sign followed by a friend’s name, but now there is no need of ‘at sign’ for tagging friends in a post, by the introduction of this new feature a user can tag a friend by simply writing his/her name and selecting it from the drop down menu.

The picture below will guide you in 3 easy steps on how it actually works:

Step 1: Type your friends name starting with a capital letter: for example ‘Jeff’ instead of ‘jeff’. (Note: If you begin writing a friend’s name with a small letter, then this feature will not be able to display you the drop-down list of friends)

Step 2: Select the friend you want to tag from the drop-down menu and press right click or enter button:Following this step will create a hyperlink to the selected friend’s profile in your post. (Note: There is no limit of tagging friends in a post, which means you can tag as many friends as you want, until you reach the character limit)

Step 3: Shorten your friend’s name: Now this is something unique, the feature let you erase the first name or last name from the tag – for example, you tagged Jeff Kanter, now you can either keep ‘Jeff’ by removing Kanter or alter it other way around by saving the tag as ‘Kanter’ and deleting Jeff.

However, this new feature is not been introduced in Facebook app for AndroidiPhone and other Smartphones. Let us know if you would like developers to add this feature in Facebook application for Smartphones and Tablets by Commenting in the Box below.