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Sunday, July 10

Google to shut down Google Talk

Mr know it all, Eldar Murtazin just tweeted a rumor which we simply couldn’t resist sharing it with you. According to the man behind Mobile Review, Google, which is currently busy with its Google I/O 2011 developer conference, will be shutting down Google Talk in favor of Skype.

Here’s the tweet:

Rumour. Google want to close own platform for Skype from next versions of Android. Instead of that all users will receive updated Voice app

The key thing to note here is that only the Android version of Google Talk will be discontiued

What’s our take on it? Well, we are in a total shock at the moment and aren’t in a position to comment on it. All we will say is if the talk of Google Talk being put on the death bed is true, it means Google loves Skype and doesn’t want their own video chat offering app to be a hurdle in Skype’s way.