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Tuesday, March 26

Tata Crucible Patna City Final Questions

Hello guys , I have just been through the City finals of Tata Crucible'13 @ Patna .
The questions asked were easy as a surprise but needed one to be very alert on
Current Business Affairs .
Well in the end IIT-BHU's emerged victorious with 3 teams on stage and 2 grabbing top two spots
Here Are the questions (sorry guys I don't have all ) :
Prelims :
1.Which hang out spot offers menu options like fresh'n'ground , beverages etc ?
Ans. CCD
2.NGEN a media outsourcing agency is a JV between Genpact & ?
Ans. NDTV Group
4.Solar Energy , Wind Energy & all other alternative energy sources are clubbed under
which Stock Genre ?
Ans. Green Chip Companies ( Inspired from blue chip )
11.Name the hotel group which is mostly confused with a  clelebrity surname & has passed ownership from 3 organisations ( names i don remember ) ?
Hilton Group
12.Which airline company has slogan "People.They Make an Airline " ?
Cathay Pacific ( I was among the 5 teams who knew this among all teams that came )
13.Pic of Anil Agarwal from Vedanta Group
14.PIc of Vertu Mobile , asked to identify parent company ?

Will update more prelim questions as i get'em
Tie Breaker round (for wildcards ) :
1.If 31 is for Baskin Robbins then 57 represents ?
2. Bharat Silk Mills is largely known for some other product , what is it ?
Sintex water tanks
3.The name of media house by Subhash Ghai ?
Mukta Arts
4.One thing common between Superman & Tintin ?
They both are news reporters
5. Conceptualized by Elisha a worker in  this company for vertical displacement ?
Lifts by Otis
6.Name the footwear company in India which is also the name of a Community & City in Pakistan ?
7.Which Company is the largest buyer of oranges in world (Hint : Its part of Pepsico ) ?
8. forgot !!!!
Guys stay tuned for more after Holi !!!!
Enjoy :)