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Friday, July 15

StealthGenie Android Mobile Spy Software anticipates personal and professional relations from falling apart

“If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair… It’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you don’t eat him”

Latest technology has helped human kind immensely to prevent relations from thinning out. Android and Blackberry smartphones, with upgraded gadgets and toolkits, have eliminated chances of diminishing associations.  There are a hell lot of devices available in the market and one gets extremely blank over choosing amongst them.


Abuse and misuse of technology, cheating and mistrust between relationships, hopping from one job to another, illegal sharing of data from employees, and lose of significant information are most disrupted issues. Often spouses are found worried on their other halves being disloyal to them, parents seem exhausted while figuring out what their children are up to and what company they keep. The irony faced by employers is not different; they are mostly obscure over catching a black sheep in their respective company. Nevertheless, all necessary apprehensions are adopted in order to fulfill competent surveillance. But results are not pure from loop holes.

So, the purpose of penning down this write up is to articulate seekers,  what features are pre-requisite for a software to make it a ‘must buy’.

Luckily, there is relentless software labeled StealthGenie available in the market, covering all the above mentioned features. Its immaculate, it is awesomely handy, magnificently useful and trouble-free. It has taken spying to a next level and has provided the user with every function once they dreamed of. With its neat as a new pin functions like live recording, approaching contacts, back up and wipe up plans, access to appointment details, and robust tracking systems have given new dimensions to investigative journalism and make it a part and partial of each individual’s life.


Sr. No.Prescribed FeaturesStatus
1Intercept Live Call
2Record Calls
3Record Calls from Specific Phone Numbers
4Alerts on Incoming/Outgoing Calls to Specific Numbers
5View Call History
6Listen to Voice Mails
7Alerts on Incoming/Outgoing SMS to Specific Numbers
8Receive SMS/Email Alerts for Specific words in SMS
9Listen to Phone’s Surroundings
10Listen Live to Phone’s Surroundings
11View Contacts
12Reverse Phone Lookup
14View All Received/Sent Emails
15Alerts on Sent and Received Emails for Specific Email(s)
16Receive SMS/Email Alerts for Specific words in Email
17Appointment and Calendar Logging
18View Photos,Videos,Music
19Listen to Voice Recordings
20View Bookmarks
21View Internet Browsing History
23View Blackberry Messenger Chat
24View Gtalk Communication
25Real Time Location Tracking
27Set Boundaries on Online Interface Map and Receive SMS/Email Alerts
30Tracking without GPS
32Backup and Delete all the Sensitive data by sending a Secret SMS
33Lock Target Mobile Phone
34SIM Change Notification
35Track Exact Location of the Phone
36Upgrades and Updates
37Remote Control of Target Phone Via SMS and Web Interface
38100 % Undetectable