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Tuesday, July 5

WT# !!!! :: Crysis 2 players get CryEngine 3 Sandbox Editor, plugins and more ::

Crysis 2 players will be happy to note that Crytek has released the new CryEngine 3 Sandbox Editor, allowing them to create their own maps, mods, and content for the award-winning franchise.

The mod community has also been re-opened, allowing fellow Crysis 2 modders to share and discuss their work. Interested Crysis 2 players should head to mycrysis.comor for more information, and to download the package.Giving a fair amount of control, Crytek will be providing additional tools with the package, including plugins for Maya and 3ds Max, Poly Bump, FMOD Designer, and more. For beginners, sample content has also been provided to help build and edit.