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Friday, July 8

How to fix the iOS 4.3 battery drain issue

Not so long ago, we shared with you the not so good news of iOS 4.3 severely draining down the precious battery life of the compatible iPod touch and iPhone models. Today, we have a possible fix for the painstaking issue thanks to @iThinkiTweeted. More on this after the jump.

Battery Drain

You can fix (temporary fix if you may) the serious battery drain issue by resetting your network settings, for which you will Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Andrew, who suggested the fix applied it with success on his iPhone 4. We ourselves can’t verify this as we haven’t updated our iDevice to iOS 4.3 for jailbreak and graphical glitch reasons. If you are running iOS 4.3 on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and can verify this for us, we will be very thankful to you.