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Thursday, April 4

Requirements for Setting up LAN

LAN stands for Local Area Network , as we all know , LAN is set up for Resource Sharing viz. Internet Sharing & Printer Sharing among a group of computers & other functionalities.

In order to set up a computer network in the enclosed premises of Sally and John’s home-cum office it is suggested that the following hardware be purchased:
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A Router
A Router can be either wired or wireless. Even though there is no current need for a wirelessrouter in John’s small scale business but it is better to be prepared for the future. If, sometime later, they do plan to switch to a wireless local area network they would not have to buy another router. For the time being the wireless option of the router can be switched off.
A router is available in different speeds. Sally can choose from the 54Mbit router, 11 Mbit router or the other routers available. However it is recommended that the one with the highest speed should be bought which is the current state is 2.4 GHz router (the Wireless g-standard). The 2.4 GHz standard is preferred for its stability and also because of the wide area it covers. The 2.4 GHz router (Wireless b-standard) is not generally recommended.
The Ethernet cable having maximum number of connections for Ethernet cables should be opted for.  Cross Cables should not be opted for since they do not go with the router setup. Please refer to Appendix for a comparison of routers available in the market. The table clearly narrates the capabilities and range of the routers as well.

An Ethernet Modem
The router gets connected to the Ethernet Modem. The Ethernet modem does not need to get connected to every computer separately. The Ethernet modem gets connected to the internet. Via the router each connected computer gets access to the internet as well. The internet connectionprovider would be able to provide an Ethernet modem. That would be the most suitable Ethernet modem to go for.
 Network Adapter and UTP Cables
A network card or adapters needs to be embedded into each computer system that is connected to the network. This card recognizes the networksettings and enables the computer to get connected to it. Each computer is connected to the router by a separate CAT5 UTP cable.