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Saturday, April 6

Pointing Device Update ~ 3D Fingertip Mouse

This gadget doesn't need a flat surface to operate, instead this wearable piece of tech enables more intuitive interaction.

Technology advancements have made us forget about hardware external pointing devices called ‘mouse’ specially since the invasion of touch sensitive Smartphones, Tablet and laptop screens. From the old corded version to the Bluetooth enabled mouse this pointing device has accompanied and assisted man a long way. The latest way mouse has begun to assist man is by emerging into its brand new 3D form.
Just wear it around your fingertip and there you go, you are all set to use your 3D mouse. An enormous feature for multitasking, this mouse has been created by Nick Mastandrea and is available for a reasonable cost of under a hundred USD.
 The mouse is only the size of an ear piece and weighs very , very less. This makes the wearer of the deice feel absolutely no weight on his finger that has the mouse strapped over it. Thus, enhancing its usability and effectiveness. The battery life of the mouse lasts up to around nine hours depending upon its usage.
Embedded with bluetooth, the device can work from up to thirty feet away from the computing device to which it is connected. This is specially wonderful when giving presentations. The device connects perfectly well with iPad and iPhone with Android coverage following up closely sometime later this year.