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Sunday, June 12

Watch How Facebook Affects Your Relationships

Do you know that last year, around 37% of Facebook users changed their relationship status to “single” and only 24 percent remained “In a relationship”?

Facebook is a place where many users set and display their relationship statuses. According to an infographic from Online Dating University every six out of ten (60 percent) users on Facebook show their relationship statuses at all, and surprisingly among them Jordan have the highest percentage of users displaying their status as single.
It really hurts when two lovers break their long relationship with each other, but it is indeed more painful when that relationship appear to end in front of a large audience.
Previously we showed you, women uploading more profile pictures than men – infographic, also that world without Facebook – infographic, and today we are going to demonstrate the infographic of - The Facebook Effect On Relationships:
How does Facebook affects your relationship? Has Facebook played any positive role in building your relationship or not? Please share your views about the topic in the comment box.