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Thursday, May 19

Google rolls-out Android 3.1 and unveils Ice Cream Sandwich

During Android’s keynote presentation at this year’s Google I/O, the company revealed its next Honeycomb update and their plans to have a common OS between tablets, cell-phones and Google TV. The hope to achieve the latter with a version of Android, which has been code-named Ice Cream Sandwich. However, there isn’t much information to go around about Ice Cream Sandwich at this time, besides the general direction the company is heading with Android development.
On the other hand, we know a few things about Honeycomb 3.1, not least of all that the update is all ready to be rolled out and the ball in now in the carrier’s court. Some of the addition made to Android Honeycomb with this new update includes option for the user to resize widgets. To demonstrate this feature Google used the Gmail widget, which when resized gives a preview of the inbox. A major update is the inclusion of USB support that will allow users to connect I/O devices like a keyboard or even a gamepad. Lastly, the update will include all the bits needed to access Google’s newly launched movie rental service