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Tuesday, May 17

Google makes the day for ones stuck without Admin privileges for browsing !!!!!!!!

Google has some good news for those of you stuck using Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8. The company’s Chrome Frame technology, which injects the Google Chrome rendering engine into Internet Explorer, can now be installed without needing admin privileges in Windows.

For now the new features are only in the experimental dev channel, but once this build has been stabilized the new features will roll out to the beta and final release channels.

While it’s true that simply switching web browsers is a far better solution than using Chrome Frame, for those who can’t switch browsers because they’re stuck in corporate IT environments where old versions of IE still reign supreme, Chrome Frame remains the only real solution. Of course such environments are also precisely the sort of places where users can’t install their own software, which is why Google has eliminated the need for admin rights to install Chrome Frame.

Triggering Chrome Frame is left up to individual sites, which must add a meta tag to their pages to check for Chrome Frame.

For more info on what’s new in the latest release of Chrome Frame, check out this video from Google’s ongoing I/O conference in San Francisco: