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Wednesday, June 13

Windows Metro UI powered Facebook Phone in the making...

This was bound to happen someday wasn’t it? Business Insider‘s Microsoft source has revealed that the Redmondians have expressed keen interest in powering the long rumored Facebook Phone with their Metro UI based Windows Phone operating system.

The question one needs to ask here is why Microsoft will want to do that? Well, we all know the amount of traffic the increasingly popular social network generates. Having a Windows Phone based Facebook phone will mean more mobile traffic for Bing. Moreover, if they things running their way, they will get to have a more prominent  position in the increasing concentrating mobile phone space.
How serious is Facebook about this prospect? Well no one knows where Mark Zuckerberg and co stand on this whole Facebook Phone thing, let alone their preffered mobile OS. Microsoft is hoping that when Facebook Phone project begins, their OS will get the green signal? Do you see this happening? Sound off in the comments section :)