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Tuesday, July 26

Nokia N9 lands at FCC, bares all for the camera

You must have seen enough pictures of the N9’s beautiful exterior but now thanks to the FCC you can get a peek inside that unibody shell as well. The Federal Trade Commission skillfully took apart the handset on one of their routine tests and took plenty of photographs of the internals.

You will notice the pop-out SIM tray on the top of the device that thankfully does not require the assistance of a pointed tool to be taken out because of a lever mechanism. The non-user-replaceable 1450mAh Li-Ion battery uses a cable to connect to the phone, unlike the N8, which used a standard Nokia battery and was hence, to some extent, user-replaceable. You can also see the inside of the back shell that houses all the radio antennas. Then there's also the 8 megapixel camera sensor.
Nokia N9 FCC Nokia N9 FCC Nokia N9 FCC Nokia N9 FCC Nokia N9 FCC Nokia N9 FCC Nokia N9 FCC Nokia N9 FCC
FCC has also been kind enough to provide the user manual for the Nokia N9. To download the manuals and see other images, click on the source link below.