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Tuesday, June 28

Nokia N5 pictures leak-out, shows running on updated Symbian Anna

N 5

The internet is abuzz with the leaked photos of a Nokia N5 phone that supposedly has an updated version of Symbian Anna. If the pictures are to be believed, the operating system looks like inspired by the clean Harmattan UI last seen on the MeeGo-based smartphone, the N9. The reports of N5 come days after Finnish mobile giant unveiled the Nokia N9, which runs on MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan mobile operating system, and is said to be a one-off device for the platform from Nokia, which now aims to focus on Windows Phone 7. However, if the N5 is real, it certainly indicates Nokia's love for Symbian has not yet ended. Some media reports have even claimed that N6 and N7 are on their way, too.

N5 looks like it will be available in black and white colors. The white one has a lime green rear. The front has a touchscreen display that is some 3.2 inch in size. There are call, end and menu buttons below the display. And like a typical Nokia handset, N5 has volume control and camera buttons on the right. The N5 camera is of 5 megapixel with LED flash. And beneath the camera is a loudspeaker.

Considering the leaked pictures, the phone seems to be an entry-level smartphone. As mentioned, the Nokia N6 and N7 are expected soon as well. But these devices are likely to have larger screens and cameras than N5. They are also considered to be the replacement of Nokia's low end touchscreen smartphones that are still running on old Symbian OS.