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Saturday, June 4

iPhone 4 iShuttr case turn your phone into a camera, adds Xenon flash

Those of you who own an iPhone 4 know that the photos taken with it can sometimes come out too dark or blurry. We admit, the iPhone’s camera is better than a lot of cell phone cams, but it could always be better. Until the launch of the iPhone 5, which is said to have a better camera, we’ll have to find other ways to make our iPhone photo-taking a little better. One product in the works is the iShuttr: a case that adds a flash, zoom buttons, and a shutter release button to the iPhone.
Created by Robert Haleluk, a professional photographer and programmer, the iShuttr is still inKickstarter mode. The iShuttr is more
of a camera case for the iPhone 4 intended to make mobile photography better. Yes, the iPhone 4 already has an LED flash which works pretty well for close-up photos, but it doesn’t do much for shooting anything past a distance of two to three feet.
Haleluk said the team behind the iShuttr has acquired Apple’s MFi license, which stands for “Made For iOS.” So, the project is licensed by Apple, but in order to submit it to Apple for “consumer grade testing,” they need to create final units and have them tested by a third-party facility first. Hence, why they took the iShuttr to Kickstarter. The iShuttr crew needs to raise $50,000 in the next 72 days and has already raised a little under $5,000.
The iShuttr adds a Xenon Strobe flash to the back of the case. The case also has a zoom button which allows you to zoom in and out. In addition, the iShuttr features a shutter release, which is key since pushing the shutter button on your iPhone’s touchscreen actually pushes the lens a tiny bit. Although it’s a small movement, it’s enough to cause your photo to blur slightly.
The case can be used with a standard tripod to assure maximum stability. It also has an ergonomic grip so that the user knows where to put their hand while shooting, eliminating any fingers getting in the way of the lens. The iShuttr also has an external battery system which can be charged through an external USB port on the bottom of the case.
With today’s news that AT&T has run out of iPhone 4s, some may wonder why the iShuttr team is creating an accessory for a retiring product. Haleluk said that the iShuttr camera case will be available for iPhone 5 and select Android devices as well.